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Steps to Success
Steps to a Successful Website:
The steps involved in having a successful website are in large part left to the designer of the website. This includes having easy to use site navigation, and a professionally designed look and feel for the site.

It is ever important for websites today to be responsive (mobile friendly) and search engine optimized. You can read more information on Search Engine Optimization by clicking here. Websites with content optimize pages will rank higher on search engine sites.

Your needs are our primary objective. Our first step to your finished project will be to assemble a list of questions to get to know you better and understand your particular requirements. This gives us an opportunity to determine a best plan that will fit for your project.

Once we finish our assessment, we will work out an agreement outlining our time frame and fees. If you have a budget amount for a particular project, we will take that into consideration while preparing your proposal.

Our commitment to adhere to our agreed completion time is foremost to you as our client. Before stepping into the main project, we undertake a detailed and thorough planning and documented review of your project requirements.

Production Phase
Once you send an email of satisfaction on the initial proposal, we will start work on your project and begin development and design.

Providing us your content, things like logos, artwork, photos, text, will be very helpful to the development of your site. Once you can provide the content, we'll take care of the rest. If you need us to help you develop content for your website, we can do that too.

Project Completion
Often, we will upload your finished product directly to your hosting account. Once final payment is received, you will own the content on the website and copyright that allows you to make any changes to the site as needed for your own use.

Payment Policy

We accept payments from all major credit card companies. For many of our projects, we require 50 percent of our estimated total as a deposit . The balance of protect fees are due upon completion, prior to the completed work being handed over to you.

iWebCrafter’s Clients can make payments to us online by clicking here!

Our Website Design Guarantee
We give complete assurance for our design work and quality. We provide 12 months of free maintenance support for removing any bugs / errors found in our work. Additional discounts will be applied for on-going work that you request.

So how can we help you succeed?
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