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Best SEO Services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While website design is our primary area of focus, we also offer services that help your website generate more visitors.

The success of your website is largely dependent on whether people can find your site from a search engine. Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank and display sites, and some search engines will not index your website at all unless your pages contain appropriate meta tags, well-structured content or error-free HTML code. This all requires on-going supervision and interaction to assure that your site remains listed properly.

Search engine optimization, is the process of implementing various strategies to ensure a high page ranking for a website in popular search engines like
Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing.

Sound SEO employs methods such as posting keyword populated articles, press releases, participating in forum discussions, backlink building, and so on to ensure maximum visibility for the website.

Our SEO Package's are provided below. If you would like to ask questions about these services or move forward by hiring us, please use our
contact form to talk to us more on how we can help.

Keyword Analysis: $99
Keyword Research is critical to effective search engine optimization. Without knowing what words and phrases your potential customers are using to search for your products and services you will not be able to create a site that is effectively optimized.

Our Keyword Research services will help you to see what people are searching for and what keywords and phrases should be the focus of your optimization efforts. For the price of $99 you will receive:

  • A generous list of words and phrases related to your primary keywords, along with average search volume.
  • Suggested plan of action for using these words and phrases on your site and creating targeted content to attract new visitors.

Full Site SEO: $295
The Full Site SEO Package provides the best value for your money because it includes everything in the Keyword Analysis to Organic SEO Implementation for up-to 10 website pages. With this service you will be well on your way to a stronger presence in the search engine rankings.

  • Coding analysis that will provide basic information on the level of search engine friendliness of your website's coding.
  • Implement changes as a result of the coding analysis. *
  • Optimize the code of your website, that will attract visitors, and attract in-bound links that will boost your search engine rankings.

If your website needs extra content that is optimized for search engines, we can provide assistance developing such content. Optimized content development prices vary based on the project.

* Our prices vary depending upon the needs of the client, the details of the project and also number of website pages. Prices shown include websites of up to 10 web pages. Please
contact us and provide some basic information about what you would like from us.