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Internet Services
You demand excellence from an web development company. We’ve heard endless stories of businesses stuck in the mire created by well-intentioned but under-skilled web application developers. In contrast, iWebCrafter is an established, been-there-done-that professional custom website and web application design company.

iWebCrafter understands that your Internet related requirements are not mere technological solutions, but a basic fulfillment of your key business process that is geared to increase your overall profitability.

We deliver value added solutions for services in the following areas that make optimum use of latest technologies so that what you get is simply the best.
Internet Solutions
website design
wordpress sites
• membership sites
• online forms and surveys
shopping carts
• email newsletters
Application Development
application design
database design
content management
• client server applications
• customize installers
• technical support services
iWebCrafter also provides training, and ongoing customer support services.

From your initial contact, through the launch of your website project, and beyond - you can be confident that iWebCrafter will continue to strive to provide cutting edge technology, robust applications, and supportive services to ensure the continual success of your business.
First Website and More
Internet Trivia
The first website was introduced by Tim Berners-Lee (Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)) in August 1991. That website was written in a very basic version of markup language called HTML. Websites had only a basic structure with this first version of HTML and a limited ability to connect to information using hypertext links. As the internet and website design progressed, the HTML markup language change to a somewhat more complex, but also more scalable technology allowing for greater flexibility, and spectacular website designs.