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It's not all work in Rye, NY.

The Town of Rye borders both Long Island Sound and Connecticut at the gateway of New England, within convenient commuting distance of New York City and the greater metropolitan area.

Metro North commuter trains leave frequently and conveniently from the Port Chester Railway station to Manhattan. Amtrak Acela (high speed train ) service is available at nearby Stamford, Connecticut and New Rochelle, New York.

Interstate 95 runs North through the Town to the Connecticut border, and south to both New York City and the entire East Coast. 

The Hutchinson River Parkway - a cars only highway - also runs through the Town, connecting with Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway to the north and east, and with the Cross Westchester Expressway to the south, and with the Whitestone Bridge to the south – a direct 45 minute drive to LaGuardia Airport, and a little over one hour to JFK.

However, adjacent to the Town is the Westchester County Airport, where commercial jet flights are operated by JetBlue, AirTran, Delta, American, United, Cape Air and US Airways. Thus air travelers can drive ten minutes to one of the most modern airports in the East, and enjoy non-stop jet travel to cities like Atlanta, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Charlotte, Cincinnatti, Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis. 

Prop jet service is available to Washington DC (Dulles) and Philadelphia, among other destinations. Westchester County Airport is also home to extensive corporate and private aircraft.

The Town is primarily a residential community with major shopping (as can be seen elsewhere on this site). However, there are many business office parks, with the most modern telecommunications services. This makes the Town a friendly environment not just for businesses, but for those who work out of their homes.

Rye is thus a premier destination for both business travelers and those looking for homes in a modern, interconnected community with good schools and hospitals.

Security Essentials for Windows XP is about to end!

Windows XP. The ancient operating system is leaving extended support on April 8, 2014, at which point Microsoft will no longer ship free security fixes. XP itself isn't the only thing that's losing support on that date. The Windows XP version of Microsoft Security Essentials, the company's anti-malware app, will stop receiving signature updates on that date and will also be removed for download.

The message is clear: after April 8, Windows XP will be insecure, and Redmond isn't going to provide even a partial remedy for the security issues that will arise. Antivirus software is just papering over the cracks if the operating system itself isn't getting fixed.

In contrast, both Google and Mozilla will provide updates for Chrome and Firefox beyond the cessation of Microsoft's support. Google has committed to supporting Chrome until April 2015.

With three months to go and Windows XP still holding almost a thirty-percent usage share of the Web, the ending of support is going to have an impact on a lot of people. Still, it's unlikely that killing off MSE is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back and forces these Windows XP holdouts to upgrade.

The big question is, what will? XP's end of life shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but there are plenty of XP users who evidently don't care. There's no chance now that the remaining users will migrate off the operating system in the few remaining months of support. An abundance of insecure, exploitable, and most likely exploited Windows XP machines is now an inevitability.

iPad Air review

I just unpacked my new iPad Air, and all I can say is the reviews are spot on!!!

Apple's new approach to tablets is to make everything easier to carry - and with a 43% thinner bezel and a 28% lighter device, the iPad Air is championing that drive.

If you haven't seen a picture yet, then imagine an iPad mini that you've just held a little closer to your face, and you're largely there with the Air.

It's got the same smooth back design, thinner bezel and more attractive speakers at the bottom of the phone to make it look like more of a family with the cut down tablet from Apple's stables.
While it's a clear copy, we're not going to get upset about that as the mini already had a stunning design, and the Air takes that message and brings it to the big leagues.

It also has machined buttons that don't feel loose when shaking, bringing up the premium feel to the device.

On top of the new design, it's also rocking Apple's A7 chip, bringing with it 64-bit processing power and reams of battery saving techniques to keep your tablet going even longer in day to day use.

And the greatest thing about the iPad range in our eyes is the price - Apple is starting the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model at the same cost as its rivals, and while that outlay does spiral up as capacity and connectivity increase, for an Apple device to not charge an (unnecessary) premium is something we're really happy to see.


Found: hacker server storing two million pilfered paswords

Researchers have unearthed a server storing more than two million pilfered login credentials for all kinds of user accounts, including those on Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and a handful of other websites.

More than 1.5 million of the user names and passwords are for website accounts, including 318,121 for Facebook, 59,549 for Yahoo, 54,437 for Google, and 21,708 for Twitter, according to a blog post published Tuesday by researchers from security firm Trustwave's Spider Labs. The cache also included credentials for e-mail addresses, FTP accounts, remote desktops, and secure shells.

More than 1.8 million of the passwords, or 97 percent of the total, appeared to come from computers located in the Netherlands, followed by Thailand, Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia. US accounts comprised 0.1 percent, with 1,943 compromised passwords. In all, the data may have come from as many as 102 countries.

"A quick glance at the geo-location statistics above would make one think that this attack was a targeted attack on the Netherlands," Spider Labs researchers Daniel Chechik and Anat (Fox) Davidi wrote. They continued:


It will be alright!

To www or Not to www — That is the Question

In the dim and distant days at the dawn of the web, those publishing a URL on offline media would add the ‘www’ prefix. It informed everyone you’d moved into the twenty-first century and owned a piece of prime real estate on the World Wide Web.

Fast forward to 2012. Everyone knows what the web is — few organizations publish their URL with a preceding www. People understand that Google.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com and SitePoint.com are websites.

Before we take this discussion further, your site must work with or without the www. For the sake of SEO and canonical/duplicate content issues, you should choose one domain option and redirect when the other is used. If you prefer naked domains, redirect to it when a visitor requests the fully-dressed www version. It’s not difficult — a three line Apache .htaccess file will suffice:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^mydomain.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?(.*)$ http://mydomain.com/$1 [L,R=301]
The question is: which should you choose?

Those in the pro-www camp point out that ‘www’ has not been deprecated. It’s unambiguous, technically accurate and distinguishes the address from similar URLs for FTP, mail or other data types.

The anti-www camp point out that it’s simply not necessary. No one’s confused. URLs are shorter, easier to read and quicker to type.

“Ahh”, says the pro-www lobby, “you’re just being vain”.
“Well”, responds the anti-group, “you’re being finicky and my website looks far better than yours”.
“Does not”, shouts pro, “Your site smells.”
And so on.

My opinion: it doesn’t matter. Pick one and stick with it. Some word combinations look better with the www, some look better without. Ultimately, it’s your personal branding preference and few people will notice or care.

Just remember that your site should load regardless of the URL and redirect when necessary. If you’re breaking that rule, go and stand in the naughty corner and consider the consequences of your actions.


iPhones in color!

Gold iPhone 5s
Gold iPhone

Keeping you in the loop on some of the things that happened around Apple this week.

iPhones in color. Here’s what we know: There will be a new iPhone introduced at a company event in September. Apple unveils a new iPhone every year and so not introducing a new model would be the headline here. 

As analysts have been saying for a year, Apple will update the iPhone 5 – though debate continues about whether it will include a fingerprint scanner — and add a less expensive iPhone model to appeal to all those would-be iPhone buyers who don’t want to pony up the bucks for Apple’s high-end smartphone. 

And of course, the buzz these days is all about color – the iPhone 5S may be available in black/silver, white/silver and possibly white/champagne – or gold (though why gold given that Apple’s previous flirtation with a gold device — 2004’s gold iPod mini — tanked so badly). 

The low-cost, iPhone 5C, according to Sonny Dickson, an Australian iPhone engineer who says he has the scoop on the new models, will be available in a pinkish red, a bright yellow, a lime green and cyan blue and white. (There’s also talk about how scratch resistant the iPhone 5C cover will be, and whether Apple is using metal-glass technology it acquired in 2010 from Liquid Metal – or maybe some new glass tech from Corning? 

I guess all will be revealed at Apple’s event, which will reportedly take place on Sept. 10.

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6 Top WordPress Backup Plugin Recommendations for 2013

Backup WordPress Files
Batman Backups?
Having recently experienced perils of cheap hosting on WordPress affiliate sites (cobbler’s children worst shod and all that), I found out the hard way that not practicing what you preach to clients with regards to backing up database files can result in a lot of extra work and effort and of course lost income!

Even hardcore professionals suffer from procrastination when it comes to boring tasks like backups so I thought that I would share my plugin findings in the hope that it saves you data, time and prevents you from ever having to re-make anything ever again - [*disclaimer* - in theory]

WordPress Backup Plugins
Obviously there are many more available and a whole host of cloud backup services, but I have kept this post as backup plugins that are tried, tested and come highly recommended by colleagues that are actually using the plugins.

Keeping your own website or blog takes time and effort but what happens if you lose even part of your information? Having to re-do content or scrape the Wayback Machine for indexed page records is time consuming and sketchy. Even after that there is no guarantee that you can retrieve all files.

A manual backup of any WordPress database via SQL or FTP is advised, but if you are not really sure about manual backups or are intimidated by the ‘geeky stuff – here are 6 Top WP backup plugin suggestions.

See backup options Click Here!

What It Takes To Make Mobile-Friendly, Future-Friendly Websites

Responsive Design alone doesn't create great mobile experiences. We need to combine other ideas together to make mobile friendly, future friendly websites. This "code free" presentation outlines how ideas like mobile first, progressive enhancement, Structured Content, and Performance budgets are all important components for building websites that support current devices along with future ones.